Congratulations! Band and Color Guard took second place.

HOME GAME 10/23/2015 VS. POWAY

Great Performance today!

Rancho Bernardo 2015 Pictures

Great job! First competition done!

Student Sponsership Letter

An important ingredient band fundraising is donations from your extended family.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles and family friends are eager to support their favorite band student, but sometimes they need a reminder.  This example letter can help you get started.

When you use this letter, please make sure that you (the band student) put your name at the top and bottom of the letter.  There’s nothing worse than getting a fundraising letter from a student who didn’t even bother to put their name on it.  I wouldn’t send any support in response to a letter from Student Name, so don’t make that mistake.

And take a little time to edit the letter so it fits the family member you’re sending it to.  If it is addressed to Grandma and Grandpa, make sure to include the appropriate salutation.  And you probably don’t need to tell Grandma and Grandpa your name – I’ll bet they know it very well.  Edit the letter so it makes sense to the family member who will receive it.

Finally, add personal touches.  Include a handwritten note at the bottom, and maybe a photograph.  Give them a personal taste of what makes band so great, and they’ll be happy to support you.

Any monies raised from the student support letter will be put toward your (the band student) fair share.

Band Student Sponsor Letter

Home Game 09/25/2015

Great job! Keep it going.

Home Game 09/05/2015 Pictures

Let’s make this a great year. March as one.

Band Camp 2015 Pictures

Congratulations! Looking forward for a great year.

New Member / Summer Schedule 2015


Band Camp is coming up soon, don’t forget!

Check the calendar for the latest times and places.

And look out for email from the board president and the volunteer and scrip coordinators.  Things move fast this time of your, and you don’t want to miss out!

Let’s all work together and make this a great year!