RHS Music Weekly Update 10/06/2014


Included in this email:

  • Director’s Address
  • Weekly practice schedule
  • Football Game Itinerary
  • All-Parent Meeting
  • Pledges
  • Fundraising
  • Remind Text-Alerts

An updated calendar can be found on the band website, www.royalallianceband.org. This calendar will be updated frequently with all the information you’ll need regarding the instrumental music schedule, including iteneraries, rehearsal schedules, upcoming fundraisers, and more.

Director’s Address

The show is done! Great work. Now we’re on the final stretch of our pre-season… don’t give up now!


Weekly Practice Schedule
  • Monday 6p-9p
  • Tuesday 2:30p-5p (percussion only)
  • 2:30-4:30p (parade band only)
  • Wednesday NO REHEARSAL!
  • Friday 5p-9p (football game​)

All-Parent Meeting


All parents are strongly encouraged to attend the first all-parent meeting Wednesday from 7-8pm in the band room (A20). Important information regarding the upcoming season will be covered, so it is important that as many parents as possible are able to attend.

Football Game Itinerary

This Friday is the second home football game for Ramona High School. The Royal Alliance itinerary can be found on the calendar, as well as below. Make sure all students have a white t-shirt, black knee-length socks, and athletic shorts to be worn under the uniform.

  • CALL TIME 5:00PM
  • 5:00-6:00 Uniforms
  • 6:00-6:30 Warm-up
  • 6:30-6:45 Go to field
  • 6:45-7:00 Pregame
  • 7:00 Kickoff
  • ~8:00 Halftime performance, ‘Wild Things’
  • ~9:00 End football game
  • ~9:30 Dismissal

Band Pledge

Each marching band student who is financially able to is asked to make a $500 pledge to the Royal Alliance’s expenses for the year.

Lack of ability will not exclude any students from participation in the marching band. However, participation in this pledge is crucial to a successful season.

Other options are available to help put the Royal Alliance on the road!

For more information, please contact Mr. C or the AME president Tracey Stephens. Checks can be made to Alliance for Music Education.


The Royal Alliance will be hosting a rummage sale! All proceeds benefit the Royal Alliance marching band.

The rummage sale will be on October 11th.

Donations will be collected at any time in the band room. Time to check around the house and clear out all those unneeded knick-knacks for the upcoming holiday season!
If you haven’t already, consider signing up for SCRIP. This is an incredibly easy way for the Royal Alliance to earn a couple bucks.

During the month of October, SCRIP will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. As a special bonus, from 10AM-10:20AM (10/1-10/20) certain retailers will be giving 20% back to the program!

Check the ShopWithScrip facebook page for more info.
Keep checking your email for more updates as the season progresses.

Remind Text-Alerts

If you haven’t already, sign up for mobile text message alerts from the Royal Alliance band! These alerts are quicker, important bits of information that can be sent out last minute. Messages can include reminders, schedule changes, when we’ll be arriving home from tournaments or trips, and more.

Text @ramonaband to (760) 417-4086

As always, remember to submit your SCRIP orders before 11:59PM on Monday night!